Circle Of Secrets

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

By Lauren Tisdale

Publisher : Sweet Cravings Publishing

ABOUT Lauren Tisdale

Lauren Tisdale
If you had asked me five years ago, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" I can guarantee I would have never said, "I'll be a writer..." It was never something that I thought was for me. I never thought I was any good at it, or that I would ever have the patience t More...


Helen and Marissa are total strangers but one thing connects them—Family Secrets. Their mysterious past intertwines and they don’t know it until a family secret reveals that everything they’d once known, was all a lie. Now, they must fight their own battles in figuring out the truth, before it’s too late for one of them.

Meet Helen-an older woman, who enjoys her part time work at the local hospital where her husband is a doctor. Her past haunts her and when a secret is revealed, she must push past the pain to forgive her father and piece together a puzzle in order to find what she’s looking for.

Meet Marissa-a woman in her thirties, single parent to Sophia. She loves to teach but her health has gotten in the way of her passion. When a secret is revealed, she must figure out what it means before her time runs out. 

It's a long one actually. What started out as an idea for a movie by my mother, I turned into a novel with many more twists and turns in loving memory of her.

It was just released yesterday, however my editor did say, "You write amazing emotional scenes, kudos!"