Linda Bryan-Sabin

I was born to be a teacher and a writer. I do not dumb down books for children. I bring to readers a rich tapestry of expression and discovery. Rhythm, vibrant and multi-syllable words are intended to instill a love of language and restore it to its higher purpose, the true art of communication.

The love and use of ;real words; is one of the looming casualties of the 21st Century. Making a point as quickly as possible seems to be the only purpose of text-ing, twittering and screen flashing sound bites. Truncated language, acronyms and the loss of the ever friendly vowel is eroding the fabric of communication.

My goal is to acquaint young readers and reinvigorate parents with the beauty and lyrical magic of the written and spoken word. I believe real learning happens when children experience stories read out loud and when they have the tactile experience of the feel and the smell of a real book in their hands. I also believe that real conversations between children and parents are essential for building lasting relationships while helping children develop a well balanced sense of self and of their world. Please visit; to see what makes my books different from ordinary picture books.

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