Lois Geller

I'm a veteran direct marketer, both client side and agency side for many years. I've had my own agency for over 20 years, which is now called, The Lois Geller Marketing Group.
I've written many books on marketing, and I often hear from people who say I've helped their business with my speeches, training and books. That is the best part of understand this science.
Now, I've moved our principles to the web, and the social media. We're doing interesting websites, emails to drive traffic and the social media to build frienships for our clients. Most of hem are large corporations. The smaller companies are more nimble and help us to implement many new creative ideas. We like working on both.
My book, Response! The Complete Guide to Profitable Direct Marketing has sold in 6 countries around the world. It has been revised. Direct Marketing Techniques is used by many small business owners. And, Customers for Keeps has helped companies to develop their own brands.
My newest book, Sold! Direct Marketing for the Real Estate Pro has helped many agents during these trying times.
I like helping people, and you can find me on twitter.com/loisgeller and on LinkedIn, as well as Facebook.
Our agency moved from Madison Avenue to Hollywood, Florida about 4 years ago...and has made our work even more fun now.

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