Lyle Perez-Tinics

Lyle Perez-Tinics is the writer and creator of a website dedicated to zombie books and the authors. He wrote his first short story, Dement, in April of 2010, and from there he has written one story after another. Dement was accepted for The Undead Nation Anthology, which is another charity project to help raise money for breast cancer research. Lyle is a true zombie fan and will never forget the first time he watch Dawn of the Dead with his dad. But it wasn’t until the Resident Evil games that Lyle became the zombie fan he is today. He enjoys writing about the undead and his goal is to one day raise enough money from his writing to open a horror themed bookstore. Until then, you can expect a lot more great work and charity projects from this 25-year-old writer. As of now, he has many fresh ideas in his head along with The Undead That Saved Christmas Vol.2 and The Undead That Saved Christmas Vampire Edition. Lyle is a big supporter of foster homes and has always wanted to do something like this to help raise money for them. He put in countless hours into this anthology to make it the best and most original anthology anyone has ever seen. He loves hearing from his fans. You can email him, or follow him on Twitter

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