Maikh Etto

Maikh Etto is a Bible teacher, author, poet, motivational/conference speaker. He teaches the Word of God in a practical manner and with an exceptional anointing that has transformed many lives. He writes in a unique and easy-to-understand style that makes for good, transforming and unforgettable reading. Maikh has been a great blessing to the family of God and many has testified to deliverance and life change through his anointed teachings. He is the author of the following books: 1. YOU CAN SURVIVE ANYTHING! - Your Survivability Is Not A Probability! 2. THE WISDOM-DRIVEN MENTALITY - Your Destiny is Waiting For A Change In Your Mentality 3 What God Can Do With A Lady - Breaking the Barriers of Gender Limitation to Fulfill Your Destiny You can download free excerpts of these books at There are all available in print and download (pdf)

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