Mark Palmer

Mark Palmer has been continuously rebuilding his life from his “new normal” ever since suffering a TBI 40-something years ago, when he was broadsided by a Detroit city bus.  Through 15 surgeries, countless rounds of physical, speech, and other therapies, and years spent refusing to fully accept the extent of his disabilities, Mark has persevered.  He has parlayed the lessons TBI taught him into success as an entrepreneur, CEO, sales executive, and coach—showing companies, sales teams, and others how to exceed their loftiest goals by accepting where they are now and supporting them every step of the way.  Although Mark has never regained his “pre-accident normal,” he has lived a remarkable, satisfying life—a possibility he wants to extend to all TBI victims by offering them Realistic Hope:  the hope that by accepting their “new normal” they can begin the journey of recovery

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