Mark Shearman

Hi! My name is Mark Shearman -- ShearArt -- I've been a freelance graphic designer for the last ten-years and an artist for over twenty-years and I have been designing book covers for the last-five years.

I'm originally from Nottingham England, but I've subsequently lived in Preston, London, France, Berlin, Tenerife, Spain and currently reside in La Nucia - Alicante; where I enjoy the Spanish way of life. Which involves many fiestas, most of my time is taken up writing, designing book covers and formatting books whilst dodging the moody teenagers in the house and feral cats outback. To fight the flab I swim and take long walks along the beach, where, on occasion, I stop to paint and or read.

I have a broad sense of humour and an open mind gained from diverse work and people experience. Before I was a French Farmer, Berlin House Builder and London Project Manager, I was a Steeplejack in Nottingham and Lancashire for 12 years. A year in Tenerife directed me to the Costa Blanca. I have finished and published three Novels: Streaking for Mother, Flip Flop Flamenco and Spoils of the Moon also four short stories and formatted ebooks and paperbacks for other Authors around the globe. I'm currently working on a book series, the first is called, Killing the Mrs.

Book Cover Designer. Artist, writer. Voracious reader. Tea drinker, dog owner. Chief-cook and dish washer loader. Jocose, English Ex-pat in Spain. Beach freak. Science fiction fan. Habitual doubler of entendres. Caricature and Cartoonist junkie. Part-time philanthropist. Music nut. Movie addict. Occasional faux finisher. Renaissance man. Opinionated. Wordy.

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