Marwa Ayad

Egyptian author Marwa Ayad's debut English-language novel *The Years of Silence* (contemporary romance/women's fiction published by Malamih Publishing House) is currently a national bestseller (among the English-language books in Egypt). The novel was officially released on Friday 24 April, 2009 and became a bestseller a few weeks later.

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An Egyptian up-and-coming debut author, Marwa's literary writing has been described as heartwarming, mesmeric and intense. Marwa Ayad is the first FEMALE Egyptian novelist to have an English-language novel published; THE YEARS OF SILENCE is believed to be the FIRST English-language ROMANCE novel by an Egyptian author born and raised in Egypt.

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"The exotic detail of Egypt truly brings the reader right into the homes located thousands of miles away. A story well worth reading." -- Coffee Time Romance

"THE YEARS OF SILENCE captivates you from the start with its tragic loss and history of violence. Marwa Ayad is a promising new author that writes with humility and honor. I highly recommend this novel to readers of all genres, and for any ages." -- Long and Short Reviews (5 out of 5 book rating)

"The Years of Silence is contemporary romance at its best..." -- Thomma Lyn Grindstaff, author of Mirror Blue

"A poignant and moving debut book. I love Marwa's voice, the novel is so beautifully told." -- Kim Michele Richardson, author of The Unbreakable Child

"This is writing at its very best. This is definitely a romance book everyone should pick up and read. It would be quite reasonable to say that Marwa Ayad is Egypt’s Danielle Steele." -- Amr Shehata, author of G.O.D.'s Delusion (scheduled soon for release)

"They say when you can't tell if a story is fact or fiction, the author's done a good job. This is a beautiful story-it's well written. I would definitely read more books from this author. I would enjoy watching her grow and sharing more of herself. Thanks for your work." -- Danielle Thorne, American author and poet

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