Mary Andrews

"I am a dreamer and the product of a much grandeur dream realized."~Mary Andrews

After a fall in 2010 that ended a career she worked hard to pursue, Mary was down but not for the count. Her foot was damaged beyond repair but not her mind. Swirling inside her head were the many story ideas that she comforted herself with when depression would have slipped in. 

Fueled by her many supporters, her dear friend, husband and family, she decided to pursue a dream and passion that lay dormant until she received an unusual form of inspiration.

A daydreamer and naturally creative soul, Mary believes a world without imagination does not exist. Inspired by everything under the sun, Mary yearns always to challenge herself by pouring out the contents of her mind however twisted it may be at times into stories that invoke profound emotional responses.

Mary has a unique and almost poetic way of presenting the sensual and erotic interactions of characters in her stories which stems from a combination of personal experience and passion for depicting love scenes that melt like butter in the mouths of her readers.

Book(s) By Mary Andrews

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