Mary Monette Crall

Monette as she fondly called, was born in the year 1978 from one of the archipelagos in the orient sea - Philippines. For 30 years, she has grown up into a family who has valued religiosity, free-willing but well-principle life, creativity and social responsibility. Currently now, having her own family in totally different western country - Romania, she has witnessed the differences of the culture, lifestyle, beliefs and way of thinking. Her experiences have inspired her to create some literature and put it into books that will be thoroughly useful not only for her children but to all generations to come. In her writings, she tackles mostly the subjects from basic concepts to different societal issues. Most of her books will give awareness to the children reading about social responsibility and how the nature works including its metaphors - life lessons like her first-conceived and genuine write-ups "The Adventures of Water Droplet Series". As a mother, she also wants to give awareness to the parents and parents-to-be what could their children possibly wanted to communicate with her series of "The Unspoken Baby Stories". Using her Masters Degree in Business Administration knowledge, she has written for teenagers something that will be really worth reading for them (yet, need to be published until to this date): "Unlocking the Twelve Gifts, Harnessing the Ten Life Skills and Treasuring the Twelve Golden Virtues." In all her books, she will do also the illustrations as she wanted to utilize the gift of drawing that her parents have cultivated. She has high-hope to change the world through her writings and drawings. Little each day, she is taking a step forward to this goal as she aims to make books that are truly inspiring and useful.

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