Melki J.K. Russell

Suffering and hard times are a natural aspect of life - like joy and pain. But what if our higher self was dictating our most painful experiences? What if there is not only a lesson that we were trying to teach ourselves behind the pain - but also a formula?


Most spiritual self-help books treat the hardships and negatives of life-losing a job, ending a relationship and similar struggles-as simply rough patches that we must fight through to get to a happy ending.


We are taught that life is a series of trial and errors that we must work hard to avoid or prevent from ever happening again. But, author Melki J.K. Russell asks in his new book, The Youniverse: Unraveling the Mystery of Life's Times "what if those assumptions are simply not true?"


"What if the lessons we are here to learn come regardless of our precautions and our actions only determine the path in which they travel? What if our higher self was dictating our most painful experiences with the intent of passing on lessons we are trying to teach ourselves," asks Melki?


A writer and journalist with more than two decades of experience working on issues of social justice and helping those in need; Melki utilizes science, anecdotal experiences and ancient wisdom to create a simplified explanation of life, suffering, and the interactive nature of the Universe.


Along the lines of such transformative agents as Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and Caroline Myss, he incorporates various cultural and wisdom traditions into a non-denominational detailed analysis designed to reduce suffering and increase understanding to those near their breaking point or in dark places in life.


Melki explains how his own understanding of life was shattered through a series of horrible experiences that forced him to begin to ask new and deeper questions about bad times and why they happen?


Through intense self introspection he realized "suffering and hard times are a natural aspect of life - we co-create with the intention of helping us learn lessons necessary to evolve spiritually."


Only we could be responsible for creating our bad experiences; because "only we know the most painful things about ourselves and which buttons to press," says Melki. Instead of looking outward at the world and others as the source of our pain, we need to look inward to understand how the formula for life works.


"The Youniverse" serves as a guide to understanding this formula and breaksdown in simple terms how to figure out the reasons behind our suffering without blaming or judging ourselves --which is always a wrong move," he writes.


"I show how to break free from old patterns and how to move down the path to God that only begins when we first learn to unconditionally accept and love ourselves -- the good, bad and ugly. There is hope for those struggling and there is a blueprint for understanding life."


Melki explains how the world functions interactively and opposite to our conditioned expectations responds to our energy as opposed to our "identity." He also talks about how our passions and disillusionment work to help us co-create our experiences, including the painful ones, as a means to awaken us from the physical illusion and to enlighten us to our true nature and the purpose of life.


Melki argues that our higher consciousness serves as the conductor for our compulsory evolutionary journey back toward God; and argues quite provocative that everything, including the worst days of our lives are all a part of our evolutionary process.


"This means that even our worst shortcomings and hang-ups are all a perfect part of who we are- and represent key ingredients in the recipe of life."


The Youniverse: A Guide to Understanding Life by Understanding Yourself" by Melki J.K. Russell can be found on in print and Kindle versions.


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1. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I am a writer with over two decades of experience as a journalist and communications professional. I have spent my career working on issues of social justice and helping others by challenging unfair practices and systems. Since my youth I have sought out the meaning of life via spirituality, experience and study which has given me great insight as well as exposed me to a variety of perspectives which I also incorporate into my study on life. I see the connection in all things and at least on a basic level the true purpose of life and how the universe and world engages us in this physical/spiritual/energetic experience called "life." This is what all of my books seek to examine and hopefully provide insight for. My books seek to pick up where our own understanding of spirituality and the meaning of life generally fall off.

2. Describe your book The Youniverse: Unraveling the Mysteries of Life's Bad Times and Yourself in 30 words or less. 

The Youniverse is a blueprint for understanding how life works on an energy, spiritual, and physiological levels. It's a blameless look into why we experience suffering and what the true purpose is for suffering, in a simple way that most people can understand. 

3. What was the hardest part of writing your book? 

The toughest part of writing was creating the experiences necessary to give insight. For books that explain life, it takes a certain level of experiences combined with retrospection and insight in order to understand your journey and retell it in a way beneficial to others. Beyond that, simply finding the time and quality people willing to work with you to help edit, design and provide feedback on the book.

4. What books have had the greatest influence on you? 

There are so many books I've consumed that have impacted my life in a huge way. I start with historical books including stuff by Gerald Massey, Cheik Anta Diop and Ivan Van Sertima. Other authors from a variety of fields including Depak Chopra, William Grieder, Marcus Rediker, Gary Zukav and others. I generally love anything on space, quantum physics, spirituality and metaphysics.

5. Briefly share with us what you do to market your book? 

I do the basics by utilizing social media, reaching out to family, friends and colleagues to buy my book - or I won't speak to you again! Okay, just joking, but there are some basics that authors can do such as developing a press release and having a website. Then identifying local and online media contacts and sources that you'd like to dedicate some energy and time to for pitching your book(s). Also consider targeting publications looking for articles on your subject matter and submit an article. You should build a list of people that you want to send free copies to and take copies of your book everywhere with you. Also you want to take advantage of book fairs and public events where you can sell your book. The most important thing is to condense your targeted audience (in this case journalists, publications, media outlets) to a list that is tight and relevant to the people who will most likely buy your book. Then its just a matter of continuing to bang your drum and interjecting yourself into venues and events where you can sell books and meet people.

6. How do you spend your time when you are not writing? 

I work and think about what I want to write when I start writing again! Otherwise, it's about finding balance by getting to the gym or park, spending time with my daughter and looking to make everyday matter by being the best person I can be in the moment.

7. What are you working on next? 

I will publish a new novel sometime in autumn that incorporates historical fiction, urban grit and metaphysics. It will follow up on my first novel "21 Hustle: The Case of the funkyhiphoopnautic," yet take a different slant and tell another story.  I have a novel and film script after that which I am working on -in my head, at least.

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