Michael Gray

My qualifications as an Educator/Trainer include a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership, and a Bachelor's Degree in Curriculum Development and Social Work, and a California Teaching Credential. I have worked in the prison system since 1981. I have served in several capacities in the Department of Corrections including Case Management Specialist, Drug and Alcohol Counselor, and Teacher in Life Skills Studies.  Living and travelling around the United States, I have had the distinct privilege of being a cultural broker within our correctional system. It has been a pleasure and honour to support cross-cultural prison educational programs.

Having worked in corrections for more than 25 years , I have always been troubled by the fact that anger is completely controllable, yet it remains the leading cause of violence in prisons. Being a prison educator was a great avenue for me to hone my skills as a teacher/trainer. My education and experience ensure that I am providing solid, evidence -based education to the inmate population.

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