Michael Quirke

Michael Quirke  Bio:

Presently living in Spain, after recently returning from the Caribbean writing for 5 years!

Born:  London England,      Divorced with daughter Lucy

Educated in England and Japan

 Moved to Japan from England 1961-1965. Educated Hosei University and Trained in Martial Arts under guidance of Grand Master Mas Oyama- becoming his topstudent 1961/70


 Walked throughout India from Goa to the foot hills of the Himalayas.

Resided and studied at Yagsu monastery Tibet.

Climbed to base cape 4 South col on Mount Everest before bad weather forced a  return and had to abandon attempt.

 Worked with the Indian Government on turtle watch in the Maldives Islands Indian Ocean 1971.

 All styles World Karate Champion-1971/72/73.

 Recruited by Israeli Government teaching Anti-Terrorist defence and unarmed combat tactics to the Mosad-1973/4.

Walked from  Lake Tana in Ethiopia 3,000 miles across Northen Africa and the Sudan along the Camel trails of the Sahara to Timbuktu-1975.

 Awarded Fellowship Medal by Emperor of Japan, Budakai Fellowship Tokyo: Honoured with Professorship-1975.

 Travelled extensively teaching Martial Arts and opening Dojos in Africa /Australia/France/Italy/Belgium/Norway/Sweden/Brazil/Spain/Portugal/India/Russia/Israel/England/Japan/Central and South Americas-1975/81.

 Travelled the Trans Siberian rail from Moscow to China, and walked throughout Afghanistan on the silk routes to South East Asia-1979.

 Winner of 108 world Championship Medals, Including  70 Gold, 30 Silver 8 Bronze.

 Ran and finished two London Marathons-1981/89.

 Owned and ran two very successful French and Italian Restaurants-1983-1985.

 Formed a construction company called Tudor Construction and went into land development.

 Recruited into Film industry 1985 by Director David Lean as a technical advisor and Fight Choreographer, forming a company called All Action Co. Specializing in Weapons and Marital Arts working extensively for big budget  movie productions.  

 Worked on 67 Feature length films as Technical fight AdvisorIn Marital Arts and weapons and camera angle application definition-1985/2005.

 Inventor of a lifesaving device for wetsuit users called Attabouywetwear Inc.-2002.

Owner and developer of Plantation Bay Resort Ferguson Point, a 27 acre private island marina on Long Island Bahamas.

2005/2011 Author of 4 books, 30 pieces of Silver/ Uncut/ A Pharaohs Treasure/ The Cuban Connection.

 Adventurer/Traveller/Author/Professor of Martial Arts/Inventor/ Philanthropist/Entrepreneur/ Sailor/Diver/Fisherman/Developer/ Pursuit Driver/ Padi certified/Construction Consultant/Skier/ and so on!!!


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