Michel Angelo Rossi

I am Italian, born in Switzerland in 1966. I have developed my skill both in Italy and while living in England. Initially I started painting at a very young age, where my talent was soon identified. I have taken part in private and collective exhibitions and I am becoming more and more known in art galleries. My work has been exhibited in many cities to include, London, Honk Kong, Barcelona, Rome, Turin, Capri, Florence and some of my paintings have been published in various brochures and magazines. Thanks to my artistic talent, my professionalism, my desire of overcoming challenges and my perfectionism, my resume has now numerous art prizes and awards both internationaly and nationaly and my work today is in full expansion. I like to reproduce, in my work, real elements: sceneries, landscapes and old villages, but from time to time I apply myself to the realization of abstract work. I have exhibited privately and in various  collective exhibitions where I have received the approval and appreciation of the public and of the art critics.

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