Mikho Mosulishvili

Mikho Mosulishvili 




In 1986 Mikho Mosulishvili has graduated from Tbilisi state university (TSU), geological-geographical faculty on a speciality of the engineer-geologist (specialization: geological shootings, searches and investigation of mineral deposits). And also 1981-1984 He studied as secondary faculty Scriptwriting. Afterwards he worked as a geologist and as a journalist in various newspapers. He published several stories, novels and plays into Georgian language and translated three novels of Boris Akunin. His plays were performed in Georgia at theaters, on television and on radio. Some of his works have been translated into the English, Germans, Armenian and Russian. Its short story about Pore Mosulishvili Light of snow day has awarded at literary competition in Moscow (2006).

His main works are the picaresque novel Flight Without a tun (Tbilisi, Sulakauri, 2001 and second edition: Gumbati-2007, 2011). In Georgia they always stated the bestseller lists.

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