Nolan Carlson

Dr Nolan Carlson lived in Kansas all of his life except for two years in the military service. Was a teacher for 14 years and a school counselor for 10 years. Retired at the end of the 97-98 school year.

Owned a business for 16 years. Recived a PH.D from Kansas State University in 1997

Wife is a retired math teacher and now volunteers her time at Community Health Ministry. Dr. Carlson also volunteers there often. They have 4 grown children and 5 grandchildren.

Has written 27 novels and has had 15 publshed (9 currently to print). Dedicated to writing wholesome adventure for middle school young adults. Started writing professionally 30 years ago. His books have been published by Berkeley Publishing Group of New York. His books have been favorably reviewed by Book List in Chicago and Mailbox, a teachers review. Summer and Shiner won the Hearth Award (the first annual author’s book contest) in Kansas

Most recent books include: Summer & Shiner, Shiner’s Return, Shiner & King, Shiner & Baseball, Shiner & Hobo Joe, Lewis & Clark & Davey Hutchins, The Lopsided Angel, Vagabond Jack (wolf-dog), and Lame Eagle and Wind Chaser.

Almost all of Dr. Carlson’s books in the series are in the accelerated reading program,. His books have been nominated to the William Allen White Book List and have been sold through Troll Book Club and Follett Library Resources

Throughout the last 16 years Dr. Carlson has visited over 200 schools, library associations, reading associations, and many town libraries.

His books have been contracted by Vintage Publishing of South Carolina and will be reprinted with their label. The Books are sold nationally and internationally

Book(s) By Nolan Carlson

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