Patrick Brigham

Patrick has recently written two stand-alone novels, quite unlike his famous police thrillers. Last year he published Goddess of The Rainbow, which is a series of short stories about a terrible flood and how it affects the inhabitants of Orestiada, and his most recent novel takes him back to London and the life of a property dealer in the turbulent 80s, and how it affects relationships when a business crashes.


It is now 2019 and this year's offering to my readers is another stand-alone literary fiction novel called The London Property Boy. A "right of passage" account of Michael Mostyne's change in fortune from being a successful property developer, divorce and his descent into obscurity,  then getting back on his feet in London. There is romance and with his improving circumstances, life begins once more and Mike can make plans despite another property crash waiting around the corner.


The author Patrick Brigham writes good mystery books, many of which are set at the very end of the Cold War and Communism. Featuring fictional police detective Chief Inspector Michael Lambert, he is often faced with political intrigue, and to solve his cases - which frequently take place in Eastern Europe and the Balkans - he needs to know how an old Communist thinks, during his investigations. There are few good books on the subject of international crime, especially mystery stories which delve into the shady side of Balkan politics, neither are there many novelists who are prepared to address "mystery crime fiction," like the author Patrick Brigham Patrick has now branched out into humour, and literary fiction. 


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