Patrick Vermeren

Patrick Vermeren is an HR professional who is fully committed to evidence-based HR. He specializes in leadership development, individual coaching and group facilitation. Patrick Vermeren started his career as an executive in the banking and automotive industries. He developed a passion for learning and science, with particular interest in psychology, behavioural biology and neurobiology. He is very committed to the balance between the interests of business and the well-being of employees. In addition to reviewing various theories of leadership and integrating them in the Leadership Circumplex, this book provides practical advice. Based on the clear vision that reliable knowledge should be shared as much as possible, he published (in Dutch) The HR-ballon: 10 Populaire Praktijken Doorprikt (The HR Balloon: 10 Popular Practices Punctured; third revised edition 2009), Anders Leiden (Leading Differently; 2009) and Rond Communicatie: De mens als social dier (Around Communication: man as a social animal, 2013).

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