R.H. Suleyman

R.H. (Recep) Suleyman was born in London in 1990 just four days before Halloween, providing the foundation for great creativity. From an early age, his interest in writing was apparent, as he was continuously scribbling down the stories his mind would conjure up. Brought up on the many different fairy tales his grandparents would tell him, Recep's imagination was to become his greatest asset. His passion for writing flourished throughout his youth and he has often found it difficult to keep his imagination contained. Growing up in a large family, with many colourful cousins, aunts and uncles, has provided endless streams of inspiration. With his writing, Recep aims to widen the imagination of the younger generation and offer some of the inspiration he was so fortunate to grow up with. His stories are not only for kids, though, as he hopes to remind older generations just how wondrous an enchanting tale can be. Writing is not Recep's only ambition, however, as he is currently studying theatre at the Tobacco Factory in Bristol.

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