R.Krystaline Carbajal

Born in the Windy City, R.Krystaline Carbajal has lived a rich life filled with a myriad of experiences, having survived and recovered from a violent DV attack that would leave her paralyzed due to a spinal cord injury, only to later survive a stint with cervical cancer, and then be diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia.


Carbajal has been conducting workshops since 2002, and holds multiple degrees in business, marketing, philosophy, writing, and Certifications like CDVC (Certified Domestic Violence Counselor). Krystaline continues to stay involved in business, builds new relationships wherever she goes, and offers programs to the public by cultivating partnerships with community orgs, and local business, advocating for causes very close to her heart.


Krystaline's Vision is to empower each individual to shape their own destiny and activate their inner strength, by the power of perception, and thereby change, improve, and build on their own personal path & goals. She's is very passionate about her work, due to her own journey and she often holds herself as an example of someone that had given up completely and returned to life.

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