Raven Dane

                     Raven Dane;
'Vampirism at a deliciously literary level, dark fantasy at its best'

I am an established mainstream published author of the dark fantasy series, The Legacy of the Dark Kind. 

Already published are Blood Tears, Blood Lament and Blood Alliance; all available to order from good book stores and online.
These books have an enthusiastic and fast growing international following.
So, what is so different about the  Dark Kind? 
They do not sparkle for one thing! Nor suffer from teenage angst !  My vamps are not human nor ever have been.They are not supernatural Undead ghouls. They are living, powerful beings further up the food chain to humans, a race of beautiful but deadly creatures that have preyed on mankind since before recorded history.
There was a time when the Vampire Kings ruled most of the ancient known world, governing their human subjects with honour and justice. Now there is only Jendar Azrar left of this noble elite, Prince of a remote Upper Balkan country and last warlord of the Dark Kind.

I am also here on this exciting site to promote my first attempt at comedy writing ; The Unwise Woman of Fuggis Mire which will be published in Spring 2010 by Endaxi Press.

My favourite authors are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Helen Hollick, Phiil Rickman, Mervyn Peake, Ray Bradbury and Karen Maitland and the delightful, quirky poetry of Michele Brenton

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