Richard E Goldman

Richard Goldman was born in Hazleton, PA in 1950, and graduated from Rutgers University, with a BA in English, in 1972. A year later he moved to Houston, TX, where he met George Zimmer, who had just opened the first Men's Wearhouse (MW) store. Zimmer hired Goldman to work in that first store, and from that modest beginning arose Goldman's 29-year career. From one store, whose annual sales were less than $1 million, Zimmer and Goldman, widely recognized as the marketing mastermind of MW, oversaw the creation of the largest chain of men's clothing stores in both the US and Canada.

Goldman has also been a featured guest speaker at many universities, including Cal-Berkeley, UCLA, Mills College, Brandeis University, and Cal State Hayward. Additional affiliations include: Board Member and co-founder, SF Connect; Board Member, investor, and consultant to Benefit Magazine; and Brandies University Member of the Board of Overseers of the Graduate School of International Business and Finance.

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