Richard Sutton

From San Rafael, California on a windy January in 1952, I've taken quite a few steps. Some confidently, and some very tentative, but they've got me this far.  My father told me how to walk in the woods when I was about 6, how to pilot a boat when I was 8, bought me a Kay guitar when I was 9 then told me not to ever join the army when I was about 13. College in 1969.  Everything else, until I met my wife on Canal Street in 1973, is complicated filler along with some great lessons.  Since then, I 've been lucky enough to have had a chance to concentrate on what I really love about being alive in this amazing Creation.  That, and to read what I like, when I like and listen to and make the kind of music that gives me peace.

Our family business, since 1985 has been trading and retail in the American Indian arts, primarily Southwestern cultures.  Indigenous cultures world wide, have an amazing resilience and ability to endure despite the most repressive conditions imposed by more "advanced" occupiers.  This has been the norm since we emerged to find the ice melting!  I try to reveal characters in whom this interplay and struggle is evident, in my writing. 

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