Robert Rite

Robert Rite is the author of several books including:

"Revelation Mysteries Decoded"
"Aliens, Fallen Angels, Nephilim and the Supernatural",
"Be healed!….How to Unlock the Supernatural Healing Power of God"
…and related non-fiction works.  

Most recently Robert has released "Revelation Mysteries Decoded" which is part of the "Supernatural Series" of books.  These are the first in a series of inexpensive non-fiction works planned for release in the near future.

Robert is also the creator of where he has written over 135 articles on bible facts, and end-of-day prophecies among other related topics.  Other books and properties are planned to be released starting in 2014; all will be non-fiction in nature with subject matters that really matter, such as health, money management, success and related. 

With over 25 years experience in the marketing, management, publishing, and sales field, and as President and CEO of a successful company, Robert has a lot to share with the online and offline community with digital based and physical books and related publications.  

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