Rollan McCleary

Rollan McCleary was born in London,  England. He has lived in France, Mexico and Hong Kong working in either teaching or media. He now lives in Queensland, Australia, where he is a citizen. He holds a doctorate in Religious Studies from QueenslandUniversity and is a published author in mainly religion though he has also written poetry and drama. His first major  published work, The Expansion of God (1982) on the relations of Christianity and Asian cultures was a critical success and his A Special Illumination (2004), a pioneering in-depth study of the varieties of gay spiritualities and theologies, caused some international controversy. His Signs for a Messiah (2003) examined the whole subject of the dating and astrology of Christ’s birth, assessing scholarly work done in this area so far and arriving at some remarkable conclusions. A less technical more popularized version with a lot of new and significant information should be released before Christmas ’09.

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