Rosalie Marsh

Award-winning author, Speaker, Learning & Development Consultant, Grandmother, Blogger, Marketer, Educator, Website Editor.  Born in Lancashire, Marsh settled in North Wales with her husband and growing family.

She says: "I followed a varied career in banking, sales management and adult education; combining  travel across the UK in work-based learning in a variety of roles with continuing professional development activities -  achieving a BA(Hons) Professional Studies in Education degree in later life - before  ‘retiring’ to concentrate on my writing."

The Just Us Two travel writing series is based on biographical travel experiences, while her Lifelong Learning:Personal Effectiveness Guides build on her wide experience in Adult Education in work-based learning.

Winner 2010 International Book Awards-Travel:Recreational) Finalist 2009 USA Book News-Best Books (Travel:Recreational)

"I love to put my thoughts down on paper and this is where my writing career began..."


Writing on a wide range of travel experiences and topics of the day in Rosalie's Chatter.

Just Us Two Travel Series. (Autobiographical Memoirs.)

Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie's GoldWing Discovery (republished in 2012 by Christal Publishing) is followed by the sequel Chasing Rainbows:with Just Us Two.

Marsh's travel writing continued in 2015 with The Long Leg of Italy: Explore with Just Us Two followed by Island Interludes: Just Us Two Escape to the Sun in 2017. All available worldwide in soft cover, glossy hardcover and ebook for most reading devices. Illustrated with many photos which are in colour in ebooks.

Travel-based ​Fiction-Fantasy. 

June 2012 - ORANGES: A Journey - a debut fiction -  is  built on a dream but in real settings in Southern Spain and Portugal. Available in soft cover, glossy hard cover and ebook formats for most reading devices.

Lifelong Learning: Personal Effectiveness Guides.

The springboard for this series is continuing educational writing and research in Lifelong Learning: A View from the Coal Face. It is based on current educational issues of the day together with critical review of learning experiences both formal and informal.

The series is based on the skills needed to be, and continue to be, employable; career progresion and Continuing Preffesional Development; confidence when speaking in public to small groups, in training sessions and presentations.

Available  in soft cover and ebook for most reading devices. Illustrated with charts, diagrams and images.

Further Information.

In addition Marsh has written a number of feature articles and educational/academic papers.

Work in Progress  

Building on ORANGES: A Journey - Marsh's debut fiction - writing continues with Charlotte. A story which has been bubbling along for many years on the 'back burner'. The 'pot' is now being stirred as storylines seek direction. . .

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