Saffina Desforges

30-something fiction writer.

Sugar & Spice

Commercial fiction – crime thriller

120,000 words


Sugar & Spice is my first completed crime thriller. Available now on Amazon.

Also available via Smashwords in any e-book format and B&N. 

Sugar & Spice is set across the UK, against the background of Britain’s fragmented criminal justice system, with the key protagonists the mother and partner of a murdered child.

While taking as their canvas the murky world of the psycho-sexual deviant, these works are multi-layered, with appeal to a broad audience. Beneath the fast-moving, commercial storytelling runs a torrent of sub-plots, while simultaneously engaging in an underlying intellectual debate about the nature of sexuality and how society treats, or rather fails to treat, offenders to its cost.

At once disquieting and challenging, this thoroughly researched novel is always compelling.

The story was inspired by two real-life events: Britain’s most prolific child-killer Robert Black; and a news story of a man who begged a Judge to give him a longer sentence, because he knew he would offend again, more seriously, if released without treatment.

'Sugar & Spice' has now sold over 100,000 copies in its first year.

Book One of The Rose Red Crime Thriller series, 'Snow White' is now available on all major ebook platforms. Book Two, 'Rapunzel' will be released by the end of 2011.

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I am also working on two other projects: For details of our new, dark, adult, Urban Fantasy, (coming 2012) check out my sister blog: and for details of  The Rose Red Series: A series of crime novels (with a fairy tale theme, but set in modern day) centering around DI Cass 'Red' Rose and her team, go to Rose Red Series

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