Savannah Deville

MEMOIRS OF A SUPERHERO IN WAITING is the memoirs of Savannah Deville, a young woman whose coming of age story conveys the balance between choice and impulse, and the impossibility of finding clarity in either.  Her perpetual, erratic motion makes her seem as if she could shoot off in any direction without warning. 

            She is squarely placed in the midst of human suffering and comes of age through the rights of passage of heartache, indulgence and sometimes self-deprivation, all the while seeking her superhero strength to overcome all.  Her very exciting journey takes her from love to lover to loathing to peace as she travels to the other side of the world (Taiwan at first)  attempting to save herself.  Her adventures and misadventures, strung together like a necklace displayed, are all connected with the thread of her heartstring worn like a badge of honor.  She fleas to find inner peace.  She questions the meaning of life and she travels, encountering strange hippies and urban survivalists along the way.  She never despairs and so she clings to the hope that some day all may be saved and restored.  Hence her steadfast belief that she is a superhero in waiting and that she will tap into her powers at any moment.  

            Savannah is strong and intelligent, creative and lusty.   The story of her life is adept at exploding expectations of a young woman who is a teacher and a reforming “good girl”.  She is a woman who is somewhat on the fringe of society in her experimental manner.  She has left her daughter but not before as her journal is handed down to her to explore.

About the Author
Savannah, Savannah...  Spiritual, spunky, spellbound...occasionally serene or sexual, often sensual, she is a writer, a traveler, a tourist, a teacher and can not easily be defined.  She embodies curiosity and cultivates collections of thoughts and characters as she goes.  She has written several poems, some children's stories, some short stories, some long stories, some real stories and several surreal stories and hopes to continue to do so.  She is constantly learning and living and hopes to grow wise and not just old someday.   
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