Shirleyann Regis

Shirleyann Regis attributes her gift to her childhood in St. Lucia where she is referred to as "the storyteller," and counts her blessings as she reflects upon her Grandmother's gift as the "first storyteller." "Grandmother would tell me stories that captured me and opened my heart, but I could not comprehend in my youth," she said at a recent interview. At the age of 15, and growing into adulthood, Shirleyann realized that her Grandmother's gift was now her treasure and knew that she would always cherish the gift and the calling, for Shirleyann is a storyteller.

Emotions of You was her first published book of poems, and "seeing it in print was overwhelming." Tears of the Heart brought her experiences to life and though she recognizes that her hand was doing the writing, it was the emotions in the embracing and feeling what was flowing from her heart. Her poetic genius drives her to spread her gift throughout the world.

So, in continuing the tradition, Shirleyann Regis picks up the storytelling gig that was started by her Grandmother, and looks forward to sharing her gift with the world. Visit her sites at and

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