Stephen Beam

Stephen Beam is a native Californian. For many years he was a video game artist, starting out freelancing, then later employed full time at Interplay Entertainment. He created game art as diverse as Nintendo's Mario Brothers to realistic Star Trek worlds. He moved on to work as a graphic artist and web designer, creating games and presentations for various government services such as the Long Beach MWD and many VA hospitals around the country. He is now writing eBooks for the Kindle Store and creating experimental digital art.

Looking at visual art and the written word as the same creative experience - using texture, color and composition to create emotion, these Bizarro genre eBooks are unexpected and unique, horror mixed with humor with a touch of science fiction, blended with an original attitude. If, after reading one of these books you remark,"What the hell did I just read?" then own them all, dear reader.

Book(s) By Stephen Beam

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