Steven Lambert

Dr. Steven Lambert is an ordained minister with nearly three and a half decades of ministry experience involving the prophetic, teaching, writing, coaching, counseling, deliverance, church planting, evangelism, and revival. He is the author or ghost-writer of an ever-increasing number of books and published articles that have been read by thousands around the world.
He produces and hosts The Real Truth Radio Program, and is the Founder and Presiding Bishop of The Ephesians Four Network, a fellowship of Fivefold Ministers relating and colaboring for common purposes and accomplishment of the end-time purposes and plans of God.
His prophetic ministry is attested to by the literally thousands of acutely accurate prophetic words of counsel and wisdom that have brought edification, exhortation, and comfort to the recipients. The Lord also operates an unusually strong anointing for prophetic deliverance and healing through him wherever he ministers along with other signs and wonders.
Brother Lambert is headquartered in Jupiter, Florida, and travels the world with a prophetic message to churches, church leaders, and leaders of nations. 

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