Suzi Weinert

Suzi Weinert tells a great story of how her award selling novel /  book came to be and how she wrote it when she was the age of 75.  It was a "feeling of fear" Suzi chuckles.  She began writing down an eerie experience/feeling she had at an ominous garage sale tucked away up a long drivway somewhere in Virgina that started tuning into 1 chapter and another chapter.  Shortly after that experience led her to start writing more chapters and it was looking a lot like a book.  Within 5 years Suzi finished her book, "Garage Sale Stalker" was finished and was submitting it out to publishers at writing conferences in her area of Virginia and Florida.  "Garage Sale Stalker" got picked up in 2011 by Barringer Publishing and has been a hit ever since.  Suzi has spoken all over the country and continues to do so as the Hallmark made for TV movie airs September 14th 2013 and her new book releases sometime at the end of 2013 called, "Garage Sale Diamonds".  The original book "Garage Sale Stalker" will be the first in a line of Garage Sale Mysteries as which Suzi has agreed to keep writing her books if people are willing to read them. 


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