Tamara Johnson

Tamara Johnson has a vision and passion for providing women with the tools they need to lift themselves to higher levels of health, happiness and fulfillment in their lives. She believes that effective healers must themselves be committed to growth and personal development. With that belief and a rich background of life experience, Tamara is uniquely equipped to effectively assist her clients as they negotiate difficult life experiences. From her drive to start a revolution that heals every woman's life, Tamara launched The Get Out of the Mud Show, an internet radio show and podcast for women. Tamara is also a Founding ArcAngel for Humanities Unities Brilliance (HUB) where her humanitarian efforts include her current project: establishing The Get Out of the Mud Foundation, through which Tamara will empower women who have been impacted by Domestic Violence and Homelessness to heal their lives, once and for all.

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