Tara DeAugustine

I’m Tara - originally from the United States but currently living in Taipei, Taiwan. Right now I’m living a comfortable life teaching kids English and experiencing all that Taiwan has to offer. Before my move abroad I studied Elementary Education and eventually joined the Peace Corps, where I served as an education volunteer in rural Thailand. After my Peace Corps stint was complete I gallivanted around SE Asia and eventually wound up in Taiwan.

Since being away, I have become more aware of myself and my impact on this earth, however small it may be. I initially became vegetarian for health reasons, but as the years accumulated, I became more aware of the profound effect the meat industry has on the environment and animal welfare. After being a vegetarian for 6 years, I took the vegan plunge and am so glad I did. Having a clean, cruelty-free diet makes me happy and more at peace with the world. There are many things that I am grateful for and that make life worth living. A few of those things are smoothies, reading, yoga, kiddos, traveling, family and cooking.

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