The Ghost

Born and raised in Richmond Virginia, The Ghost began his writing career while serving a ten year sentence in Federal Prison. Prior to that, he had been like many other hopeless brothers growing up amongst the castaways of society; walking through life with no real sense of purpose. But what was supposed to serve as a punishment for him, The Ghost was able to turn an unfortunate situation around and make it work for him. Now, he is a contributor to the decadence of society and uses his talent as well as his experience to inspire others. 

The Ghost is also a motivational speaker and an advocate for at risk youth.  Through is trials and tribulations, he’s able to share his negative experiences with the youth in hopes of encouraging them to turn away from a life of crime and negativities.   He advises each of them that they are SOMEBODY and can overcome any trial that may come their way by believing in oneself.  

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