Hailing from Austria, Ulrike is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with nearly 20 years of experience within the entertainment industry from TV productions to the Hollywood hills.

Her passion for metaphysics eventually led her to develop as an inspirational author on a full time basis, striving to help her students in the effort of reaching their full potential through workshops and private classes.

Ulrike inspires, coaches and teaches following simple, yet effective and well calibrated philosophies, including her thinking set of concept known as "Modern Though Theories", widely expressed through many of her publications, including books the likes of "Because you can", "Inspire your Day", "The Seeds will Sprout Somewhere", as well as her recent work "Forever…and 365 days".

From the title to the very last sentence, it is easy to find lots of genuine inspiration, care and understanding within Ulrike's work. She is deeply committed to helping people find out how to give a direction to their life, or even better, how to understand their direction. We are constantly affected by the stress of modern day living; especially in a day and age where society is always shape-shifting, often at a pace we can't keep up with. Oftentimes, our behavior is affected by our fear or by our troubles relating to what we think others expect of us…and what we expect from ourselves.

In the words of William W. Walter…"You cannot add to a vessel that's already full. First, you must empty the contents, then there will be room for the new". Let go of the weight affecting your heart, mind and soul. Only then will you finally be able to embrace a suitable path that will lead you to happiness, productivity and fulfillment.

Ulrike's books and teachings are all about this mindset.


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