Weston Locher

Musings on Minutiae is the hilarious new humor book by Weston Locher which collects 50 essays and anecdotes about his unbelievable childhood memories, his strained relationship with his felines, and everything in between.

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Locher is an Ohio native who escaped the state because he was tired of being cold and wet in the winter and overheated in the summer. Mostly, he left because his parents refused to believe in the concept of air conditioning. Being the sum of a journalist father and an English teacher mother he was doomed to a life of writing before he was able to consciously make the decision for himself. He chose to write humor because his parents made the mistake of telling him that he was funny. This is further proof of why you shouldn’t lie to your children.

Locher’s column, “101 Ways to Hurt Yourself: A Children’s Guide to Recess,″ was named as a semi-finalist in HumorPress.com‘s bi-monthly America’s Funniest Humor! writing contest. Other writing awards and recognitions earned by Locher include having the majority of his columns printed out by his parents and hung on their refrigerator. Weston currently resides in Orlando, Florida.

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