Annette Spenner

Annette Spenner is a long time lover of books. She credits her Grandfather for teaching her the importance of reading at an early age. "He would sit me on his knee at the age of four and give me a penny for every word I could read" Annette has fond memories of her Grandfathers vast library of classics. Annette wrote her first book at the tender age of ten. Her fans consisted of her closest friends and family. She would write and read short stories to her siblings as bed-time stories. Annette grew up in Jacksonville Florida and graduated in South Florida. She boasts four children and eight grandchildren. Her first published book was written for her Grandchildren. She used their names in the book, "A Tale Of Dreams." Annette is working on her second novel, "Once You Were Gone." which is due to publish Winter of 2019. 

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