Asim Chowdhury

Asim Chowdhury has 15 years of experience in architecting and designing data modelling of complex applications, leading database development, support & consultancy for payment solutions,smart metering solutions for Financial and Energy & Utility business domain. Prior to joining Logica (Currently CGI UK), he was with Oracle Corporation as a Senior Analyst and was leading the Language Division of Oracle Worldwide Support. He was responsible for design and development of new features of Oracle 11g beta release. He was leading the team responsible for Severity 1 High value issues for some of Oracle's high profile potential customers like Fidelity, NASA,HP, Cisco, Sun,Boeing, Citibank, HSBC, Dell, Lucent, Qantas, and Sun Microsystems. He has published many technical
articles and papers, which are available in Oracle support website
He has also written a Technical Guide Reference Book - "Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Guide Till 10gR2" on Oracle concepts and provided guidance on SQL & PL/SQL. He has been interviewed by internal magazine of Logica for his extraordinary performance which led to the launch of the Citibank product in Europe,Amsterdam. The product was highlighted in Business wire Magazine, London.

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