Blair Gowrie

They say that narrative poetry is boring stuff but there's nothing boring about my rollicking tale, The Adventures of George, a witty, humorous and satirical look at national leaders, politicians and celebrities. It's easy to read, fast moving and you'll be amazed at the fascinating characters you meet - The Maximum Leader, Mustafa bin Maden, Didi Damin, Borrock Sobama, David Chipperfield and many more. Here are a few lines -

He glanced around - "That man over there,
That his intellect is powerful is very clear,
And in his features are wit and sagacity."
Said George, "that's the author Sir Solomon Pushdee."

Apart from poetry, I write novels, short stories, musicals and song lyrics. Although born in Oxford, England, I have lived for most of my life in Bangkok, Thailand.

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