The Adventures of George

Poetry, Humor

By Blair Gowrie

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ABOUT Blair Gowrie

Blair Gowrie
They say that narrative poetry is boring stuff but there's nothing boring about my rollicking tale, The Adventures of George, a witty, humorous and satirical look at national leaders, politicians and celebrities. It's easy to read, fast moving and you'll be amazed at the fascinating charac More...



“The President’s a chef and the fun never ends,
Kidnaps, magicians and Borrock Sobama,
bin Maden, Onassos, enemies and friends,
All playing a part in this satirical drama.”

Read a brilliant series of connecting short stories all told in rhyming verse. Learn about the foibles of world leaders and international figures.

The plot of this humorous and satirical narrative poem is based on the President of a certain country and the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. In the story, these people become a chef and five cooks at an exclusive New York club. Although the cooks are not named, their descriptions give them away. Later characters have names that make it clear who they resemble and include The Maximum Leader, Mustafa bin Maden, Didi Damin, Borrock Sobama, David Chipperfield and many more. George (the reader should be able to guess which George this is) has adventure after adventure that are all interlinked, for example, being kidnapped, being hypnotised and being attacked by foxhounds. Its a fast-moving, easy-to-read and entertaining story that is completely original.