By John Clarke

Publisher : Authorhouse

ABOUT John Clarke

john clarke
I am a longhaul Boeing 747 pilot who writes for the fun and satisfaction.



Normally, the phrase ‘Taylor Made’ is associated with the highest quality. Be it precision golf equipment or misspelled gentlemen’s clothing, those words have always denoted the cream of the crop.
The only thing Mike Taylor made was mistakes.
From his choice of career as an airline steward despite being allergic to the public, to his relationship-busting use of the ‘C’ word, the best he could say about his life was that nothing had yet proven fatal.
Then he meets Anna. Convinced that she is ‘the one’, Mike tries to get noticed using all his classic moves, which mainly involve begging and alcohol. The good news is that Anna does indeed notice him. The bad news is that so does Anna’s psychotic ex-boyfriend,her insatiable flatmate, and a granddaughter of the Sexual Revolution.
Whether Mike’s cloud has a silver lining or a rock bottom is yet to be seen, but one thing’s for sure…
It’s not going to be a smooth ride.
Better fasten your seatbelts…