The Great BookBuzzr Christmas Giveaway

X-Mas is almost here and the giving spirit is all around us. We’d like to run a fun little contest and give away 10 prizes valued at over $200.

Here’s how the contest works:

1. On Twitter:
Go to your twitter account and tweet one thing that you like about BookBuzzr. Make sure that you add the hashtag “#BBZR” to your tweet. This will help us to trace your tweet. Here’s a sample tweet:

#BBZR – I love BookBuzzr because it helps get automatic, guaranteed eyeballs from my target audience for my book.


2. On Facebook:
If you don’t have a twitter account, you can go to our Facebook fan page – and write out a comment on our wall describing one thing that you like about BookBuzzr. For example, your message can read as under:

I love BookBuzzr because it tweets about my book automatically!

That’s it!

Once we get your tweet or message, we’ll add you to the draw. We’ll be giving away 3 free months for our BookBuzzr Author Pro subscription (valued at over $20) to 10 winners. That’s correct, we’re giving away 10 such free subscriptions. So everybody has a reasonable chance of winning. If there are only 10 participants, then everybody wins! If there are more than 10 participants, then we’ll be use a random number generator to decide the winner.

You can also have multiple entries to the contest to increase your chances of winning; the only requirement is that each message be unique. :)

The draw closes on Thursday, 23 December 2010, 00:00:00 EST

How can BookBuzzr Author Pro help you market your book?
The main technology inside BookBuzzr Author Pro is BookBuzzr Games. BookBuzzr Games features your book inside a game called CoverMatcher on the website. is designed to attract book lovers by offering them free prizes (including best selling books and even an iPad for Christmas.) BookBuzzr Author Pro guarantees eyeballs for your book cover. Imagine, your book cover being seen by your target audience hundreds (and sometimes even thousands) of times! And imagine this happening automatically … without any effort on your part, day in and day out? That’s the power of having a BookBuzzr Author Pro subscription.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to play the game, tell us why you love BookBuzzr and get lucky this Christmas!

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