Take the All-Mart!

Take the All-Mart!

ABOUT J.I. Greco

J.I. Greco
J.I.Greco is the writer and artist responsible for the webcomic Warlord Unit 23 and the sci-fi road trip adventure comedy novel, Take the All-Mart! He lives, writes and draws in southwestern Ohio with a bitchin’ wife, two generally annoying cats, a yard full of trees that make Autumn a r More...


Take the All-Mart! is a post-apocalyptic, pre-singularity science fiction buddy comedy road trip adventure.

The world's been flattened and rebuilt a dozen times over -- but not the Wasteland. It stayed flattened, the perfect place for a couple of cyborg reprobates on the run. Reprobates like Trip, with a head full of mind-machine interface gear, and his brother Rudy, his gut home to a chemical factory constantly pumping THC directly into his bloodstream. Fleeing to the Wasteland in their two-hundred-year-old mind-controlled Dodge after Trip left a warlord queen on the altar and Rudy almost killed her cat, they need to score big to keep the cannibal bounty hunters off them. And what better way to do that than by robbing the beer capital of the Wasteland blind? It's a great plan, until Trip gets distracted by the locals -- one sexy, orgy-loving cybergal local in particular. And when that cybergal gets herself swallowed up by the Wasteland’s least popular, most horrifying tourist attraction, the world devouring nightmare of a shopping experience called the All-Mart, Trip’s got no choice but to go in after her. Because she just might, maybe, possibly be the “one” — but how will he know until they’ve had a second date?