The Pendulum Swings

ABOUT Christopher Berry

Christopher Berry
I'm a trainee solicitor working for a criminal law firm in Surrey, England. I have been writing since I was very little and particularly love writing genre fiction. I have several projects in the works, including a horror novel, a science fiction trilogy and a series of children's picture  More...


Jason, Guibbette, Stilton and Rebby are four best friends who are about to have the biggest adventure of their lives. A race of creatures called the Deep-End-Ents attack their village and steal all the Grandfather Clocks. The four friends have to get the clocks back and save the kingdom from the creatures and an even more terrible villain who has returned from the darkness.... "The Pendulum Swings" is an exciting tale of monsters, mysteries, prophecies and most importantly the true meaning of friendship.

"The Pendulum Swings" has quite a long history as I have been writing it for 10 years and it incorporates ideas I had from years before that. So I feel like I know these characters very well now! When I was little I was always writing about wizards and witches and monsters and it's all culminated in this. It began as a trilogy, but after writing the trilogy at university, I realized it would work better as a single book (though I haven't ruled out a sequel!) I find fantasy can be both the easiest thing to write, because there are no rules and you can make it all up as you go along, and the hardest thing to write, because you can get to a point where you run out of imagination! To KEEP making up wacky names, interesting places and original monsters can be a challenge! It is the most fun though because it is pure escapism to write fantasy - and to read it - because it has nothing to do with the real world. I hope you all enjoy the world I have created in "The Pendulum Swings"!