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J. Michael Radcliffe
An avid reader of fantasy and science fiction novels all of my life, Michael Radcliffe published his first novel, The Guardian's Apprentice in 2010.  He lives with his family in rural Kentucky, along with their five cats. When not acquiring more ferocious felins for their plan of w More...



Corvinus Black is dying.  His daughter Nisha is desperate to save him, but how far is she willing to go?  She must risk everything to steal a powerful talisman that could stop the curse, but only if she finds it in time. A short story of just over 3,400 words, Forsaken is set in the world of The Guardian's Apprentice.
Review by: Maria Savva on May. 07, 2011 : star star star star star 
A spellbinding tale. With this short story, Michael Radcliffe is introducing the world of the Guardian's Apprentice, his fantasy novel. I haven't read the book yet, but this story has definitely given me an idea of what to expect from the novel. If you want to discover more about the world Radcliffe has created in his book, I would highly recommend you read this story. 
If you like books about witches, wizards, magic, curses etc., you will love this story. It kept me interested and I loved the little twists contained within it. 
Nisha wants to save her father, a powerful Wizard who is dying. Will she be able to find the stone that will cure him, and at what cost?