ABOUT Barry Crowther

Barry Crowther
Barry Crowther has made his home in San Clemente Southern California. Originally from Manchester England. He has had short stories published, this is his first novel on the eBook platform, it also available in paperback. 

He continues to work and write on the follow up novel in More...


Debt collector Matt Spears isn't having a good day. He's being framed by the cops over an alleged assault and has inexplicably found himself indebted to the blind, but ruthless gangster, Vincent Barbour. When Barbour’s supposedly dead niece, Emma, surfaces in a graphic sexual video on a porn site, he asks Matt to find her in exchange for wiping the slate clean. Within a matter of hours, Matt is plunged into a world of sex, blackmail and murder. Trying to unravel the mysteries of a troubled young girl's disappearance, he discovers the dark side of the porn industry, complicated family secrets, government  corruption, sadistic gangsters, and narcissistic celebrities who all come together to find a girl who is simply ... missing.
I'm very pleased that I happened upon this book on the Amazon forums!

This is an intricate, hard-boiled mystery, so gritty you'll be spitting asphalt.

Like the best noir writers, Crowther makes his characters likable despite their dark and violent tendencies. (The character of Nathan Draper in particular is one I hope to see more of.) The dialogue is clever and works well. I also appreciated that the female characters were believable.

There are a lot of characters who all play active roles, so it takes some effort to keep track. Not only that, but there are twists and turns you don't see coming. I stayed up well into the early morning because of this compelling action.

If you pay close attention you'll figure the case out before the end, but, like Matt Spears, you've got to work at it. That's how a good mystery should be, and Crowther does not disappoint. I figured it out about 3/4ths into the book, which, to me, is the perfect spot. So, good show!

I also need to give quite a bit of credit to Crowther for some of the best metaphors I've read. I grinned often at his descriptions, and that's saying a lot from a word snob like me.

This was a great start to a series, and I can't wait to read the next installment!