Visions of a Cowboy

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Robert A. Wilson



Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching presents: Visions of a Cowboy opens out your Heart Wisdom Visions with these unpunctuated prophecies because punctuation stops the positive flow of positive affirmations and stops the visions

Allow yourself to expand thru your life situations with these utopian visions Open out your enterprising energies by reading and visioning the engaging optimism within each vision

When you choose to open out your life Eye see I Am moxie expands your heart wisdom energizing your forthright focus to unleash your enterprising energies to live your divine desired life with gusto  Feel the flow in your inner landscape without punctuation now here is the same vision with punctuation When you choose to open out your life Eye see I Am moxie expands your heart wisdom, energizing your forthright focus, to unleash your enterprising energies, to experience your desired life with gusto. 

Now do you feel the difference in your subliminal scenery when you read the unpunctuated and punctuated Do you feel yourself stop at each comma and it shuts off the flow  Now relax and enjoy the life expanding visions of this book to unleash your entrepreneurial utopian

Eye see I Am giving a free rein to my spiritual savant engaging my innovative ingenuity expands my vibrant vocabulary expressing my leadership gutsiness energizing my razor sharp focus enriching the ethers of the universe with my wealth of wisdom opening out my pristine mountain valley of lavish luxury living with my rivers of prosperity flowing into my oceans of abundance supplied from all sources in the universe in a never-ending plush way

Eye see my I understand I can I expand moxie freeing my inner mechanism authorizing my soaring eagle I am to beam a Iron-willed stubbornness showcasing my never-ever quit Iditarod gustiness portraying my stout-hearted Gandhi hardheadedness to never understand defeat opening my sharp-witted focus to expand my wisdom unleash my energizing emancipator unshackling my enterprising utopian to passionately experience my audacious adventures in a gallant go-getter way catapulting me into seventh heaven opulence in a omnipotent omniscient way 

Eye see I Am optimum omnipotence beaming picture perfect rainbows of my divine charisma lighting up the heavens with my vivid effervescent emancipator wisdom illuminating the DNA within people to show their omniscient sapience to expand the world as I stand tall on my mountain of profuse prosperity & paramount success in a colorful ceremonial way

Eye see I Am bull rider moxie opens the gate to my trophy saddle winning ride of omnipotent triumph with me sitting on top of the world looking down on my energized universe riding the twists and turns of life like thee all around champion I Am authorizes me to leisurely ride into my serene sunset relishing my copious cascading cash flow everyday in everyway in a sovereign cowboy way

Visions of a Cowboy opens out a sharp new understanding: The words you speak and the images in the subliminal align your visions, thoughts, feelings, and emotions energizing your desired outcomes.