The Binding Returned

ABOUT Jeffrey Miller

Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey Morrow Miller was born in 1959 in Boulder, Colorado, and then grew up in San Diego, California before attending UC Santa Cruz.  After graduating with a degree in Biology he moved to South Africa and worked for the Department of Forestry and completed a Msc in Ecology at the Univer More...


The Binding Returned is an epic fantasy novel in which Hamish catches the attention of The Lady of The Silver Lake, and is asked to find a Door into a place that does not exist. Although he should be returning to the Highlands, and his future as the Prince of Sarzana, he knows he is best person to find this Door because he has experience with both the living-death of The Sleep and the burning of the Whitestone Roads.

If he manages to find a Door into a city of the Immortals, he will have to die and become one of them in order to enter. If he finds a Door into The Underworld then he will have to become The Lord Binding who is prophesied to return to reunite The World and The Underworld, and bring about The End of Time. If he does not manage to find help for The Lady then she will die and the static balance of power in The World will be lost, and the Nightlords will expand their dominance.