The Reform Artists: A Legal Thriller

ABOUT Jon Reisfeld

Jon Reisfeld
I am a professional journalist, marketing consultant and author based in Baltimore, Maryland. I have published two fiction books and have several fiction and non-fiction books in development. 



When false domestic violence charges threaten to rob Martin Silkwood of everyone and everything he cares about, the successful CPA and devoted dad decides to fight back -- even if it means accepting help from a shadowy, covert group with an agenda, and demands, of its own.

Every year in the U.S., 1 to 1.5 million people, mostly men, are falsely accused of domestic violence -- typically as a controversial, early tactical move in pending divorce cases. This number represents about half of all such cases filed, meaning that half the time such charges may, in fact, be justified. These cases are civil rather than criminal. They are brought before the court in secret and the accused are tried in absentia, prior to even learning that they stand accused. The effects can be devastating and usually give the accuser a potent advantage in the ensuing divorce case. While THE REFORM ARTISTS is a fictional tale, the legal aspects of the story are firmly rooted in fact.

"...a legal thriller and spy story that takes the domestic violence topic and turns it upside down. ...All this makes for a powerful blend of legal proceeding and emotional revelation especially recommended for fans of Grisham who seek courtroom drama paired with intrigue and cemented by emotional connections throughout." -- D. Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"Absolutely a book you will not be able to put down. An enjoyable read!" -- Maria Beltran, Readers' Favorites